What Does Baby Need To Thrive?

You don't have to be an expert in child development to help your baby get off to a good start in life. As parents, we all want our babies to have a healthy development and a solid foundation. Baby's needs to thrive are many and varied. They include physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. Your love and affection are all your baby really needs. However, to help your baby grow and flourish in the best possible conditions, all you have to do is consider these few simple gestures

Satisfying your baby's basic needs

You and your baby are a team, and one of your roles is to meet your child's basic needs so that he can concentrate on other activities that require effort on his part. Help your child by teaching him to sleep well, breastfeeding if you can, taking him to the doctor and making sure his vaccinations are up to date.

Express your love

Mother holding baby's hand
Giving your child lots of love, attention and affection will help him or her to develop physically and emotionally. Cuddle, touch, smile, encourage, listen and play with your baby as much as possible. Going to him when he's upset (or when he's happy) helps build trust and a strong emotional bond.

Give your baby small challenges

Avoid making your child nervous with toys and activities that are not to his liking. However, gently challenge him to try to improve. When your baby can't handle an activity, he needs to find another way to do it. Trying to solve problems is what makes his brain sharp.

Talk to your baby

Talk to your baby to show him you care and to help him learn to communicate. Look into his eyes and talk to him as you change his diaper and feed him. Simply describe what you and the baby are doing, for example: "Mommy is running hot water in the bath to wash and clean you".

Read to your baby

Daddy reads a book to his baby
Reading aloud is a great way to enrich your child's vocabulary and stimulate their imagination and language. Showing your child that reading books is fun can encourage him or her to make reading a habit. Reading is also another opportunity to cuddle and spend time with your child.

Stimulating your baby's senses

Playing with toys of different shapes, materials, colors, weights and sounds is a great way to stimulate your baby's senses. Don't hesitate to sing lullabies and play games with your child, such as "Look-Bow!" and "Three Little Cats".

Take care of yourself

Your baby needs you at your best and your utmost patience! Take time for yourself whenever you can. If you're feeling tired, anxious or depressed, you'll find it hard to meet your baby's needs.

Encourage your baby to explore

Baby exploring on all fours
For your baby's muscles, balance and limb coordination to develop, he needs enough space to crawl, move with support and later walk upright without help from anyone. Secure your home for your child, so he can explore his environment freely!

Finding suitable childcare

If you work and can't look after your baby during the day, good childcare is essential to ensure that your baby develops in the best possible conditions. Whether you choose a nanny, relative or babysitter, the person you entrust your child to should be experienced and caring.

Simple daily interaction with your baby will help him or her to grow and flourish. If you feel too tired, talk to your partner and ask him or her to take over for a while.

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