Dreaming Of A Girl - Meaning

The dreams we have are most likely related to other people, and many different characters appear in our dream world; it's said that in the dream world no characters can appear that we haven't seen in our real lives, but this doesn't mean we have to know personally every human being we see in a dream world.

This means that we can see this person in the street, for example, that our mind has recorded this face and that it appears in our dreams.

But sometimes the question is not how this person appears (in a sense, why this person), but rather what are the circumstances of this dream.

But what does it mean when you remember a dream, the one that had an impact on you; that has a motive - a girl? It doesn't have to be a particular girl, but a completely random girl who means nothing to you in real life, but might in the dream world (you might dream about the girl who works at the supermarket in real life, but in the dream world, she's the person you're interested in, for example). Read all about it.

Meaning behind a girl's dream

In real life, when you think of a girl, such a dream means someone young, beautiful, single and ready to touch and impress the opposite sex, and can mean someone who is a symbol of happiness, youth, peace of mind, kindness.

It's not a woman who is the symbol of motherhood, and a few other feelings, we don't exclude sex appeal, but it comes from a completely different place than in the case of a girl.

But the girl is also synonymous with jealousy, envy, being a "settled" woman, i.e. someone who can be stubborn and lonely, unhappy and unfulfilled, especially emotionally.

She's still figuring out what she wants to do in life, and where her emotions will go, and unlike the woman, she hasn't made her peace of mind and found that calm that's needed.

So, if we want to talk about the dream in which the main motive is the girl, we need to know that such a dream has so many different interpretations, and is, first of all, depending on whether she is the "object" of his desire or of a very great lust and passion, and whether the girl in the dream is jealous and envious, whether she is beautiful or not particularly "physically attractive".

meaning a girl's dream

Of course, it also has a lot to do with whether, in the dream, someone is arguing with the girl or talking to her and laughing, and whether the girl in the dream is sad, happy, and therefore known or a complete stranger to the person dreaming about her.

All this can determine the meaning of your dream, and what it means when the girl is a predominant motif in your dream.

So, if you saw a girl in your dream, it means that there will be many quarrels or major conflicts ahead of you, and with people who are either close to you or dear to you.

If in a dream you're talking to a girl, and you feel like you're a good friend to her, in such a version this close relationship means you don't get along with anyone and there's a dose of great intolerance and disagreement with the person you're dreaming about.

If in a dream you're arguing with the girl who's not close to you, and you feel you'll never be able to resolve the conflict you're having; in this case, your emotional bond has no prospect of a happy future.

But if you feel that the girl in your dream will calm down and listen to what you have to say, then the meaning of this dream is quite the opposite, i.e. good and positive, and implies a great love and happiness that you will soon experience, or meet someone who will suit you in every way, and you will be very happy and fulfilled in such a romantic or emotional relationship, new or existing.

But if in a dream you see yourself jealous of a girl (for example, it could be because of something she possesses or because she's more beautiful than you and easily attracts everyone's attention, or in the case of men, it could be because you feel she's not available to you), the dream means you'll meet people who will be very valuable to you and who will help you in situations where you least expect it.

If in a dream you share a kiss with a girl, this symbolic value could indicate that you're going to enjoy a moment with the person you love, and might even kiss them for real.

If you see a girl with watery eyes in your dream, this dream has a bad connotation - it means you'll be betrayed by someone who may be close to you in real life, and this way you'll be disappointed in life.

You'll be disappointed by someone you didn't expect, since the girl in this dream is just someone's face, and it could be anyone, or it could be someone you didn't expect to hurt you (but she can, and did). Some people around you have tried to warn you to be careful and cautious, but you haven't been careful.

The symbolism of a dream about a girl

In the symbolism of the dream linked to the motif of a girl, it has to be said that such a dream carries great symbolic value, in a sense that deep down inside you there's a need to have and maintain a closer and deeper relationship with someone, and in a romantic sense, there was symbolism that you were very overwhelmed and didn't have the patience or will to deal with someone.

Such a dream speaks of devotion, it speaks of the need to devote yourself to someone, someone you love very much, but such a dream also reveals the need for peace and solitude, and that you're not able to fall in love and "burst" with romance and love, and that you don't want any kind of marriage right now or any kind of emotional relationship, with a girl you love trying to get your attention.

When you see a beautiful blonde girl in your dream, it's a symbol of happiness. The following period is ideal for the fulfillment of love wishes, and it's the dream that heralds such amazing events, it's just the stuff you need to pay attention to when such events actually happen.

You'll meet someone who, after a while, will prove that she was created for you - the girl in the case of this dream is just a "face" of someone who is present in your life, but you don't look at this human being as a potential lover.

All this will benefit you, so don't hesitate to start a life together or begin something that will complement you emotionally.

When you dream of having a love affair with an innocent girl (this means that the girl depicted in your dream must have this innocent appearance, or she must make you feel, this avoids misery and damnation, the meaning could be the same in the case of men and women, because here it's not about sexual attraction, but about you and your actions towards others.

You know unconsciously that your intentions are wrong and can hurt the person you love. It's up to you to abuse someone's feelings.

If you see an ugly girl in a dream (even if you don't remember exactly what that bad girl looks like), it warns you to be ashamed. Don't confide in everyone, because you may be misunderstood, and you may remain confused, and such an event will occur when your own words may be misinterpreted and hurt you.

Dreaming of a girl: a glimpse of your aspirations and fears

The more general meaning of the girl's dream, implies that you will experience many quarrels with people close to you - you disagree with them on very important things, or they constantly criticize you for something, and even belittle all your hard work and efforts, and despite all the desires and efforts to "satisfy" them, they always manage to find a flaw and resentment, or deficiency, in you, which makes you feel very frustrated and angry and very imperfect.

The face of the "girl" in the dream is only the symbolic aspect of all those who are close to you and who act in the same way towards you, and it's this aspect that's causing you problems.

As you've seen for yourself, dreams with a girl as the motif can sometimes mean emotional disappointment, and in this sense, if you don't want to worry, it would be best to break off these relationships for a while.

In time, you'll see if it's worth reinvesting in the relationship that caused you pain. If the disappointment is work-related, think twice before working with people you don't trust.

It's possible that you've disappointed someone and that your conscience is telling you to rectify this - instead of worrying, you should be thinking about your relationship with the people in your indirect and direct environment. Of course, try to resolve them, as soon as possible.

What if I'd had that dream?

In many cases, dreaming of a girl means that you're about to have many quarrels very soon and that you're desperately trying to get away from these problems and the people who carry them.

Perhaps the best way is to avoid them openly, and let them know that you don't like them and don't want them in your "closest environment". This is the healthiest way to deal with some of these problems.

We should also say that this dream is about love and the fact that you want to have such feelings in your life, and that you're up in the clouds and constantly thinking about the person you love, but you're not doing it in a healthy way, so you should think about how you act in front of the person you're interested in.

Be brave and tell her how you feel, don't wait a single second and act immaturely. You have nothing to lose, and you can gain a lot in any case where you do something to solve your problems.

In the end, and we want to conclude this story, by saying that the dream where the central subject is the girl, could have a positive context without romantic connotations, it means that you've outgrown this relationship or you're ready to outgrow it, but if you dreamed it in a positive context with romantic connotations, then you still subconsciously miss it.

But of course, you shouldn't do anything without your lover, and that can be anyone in your life, the person in your heart, for whatever reason.

Also, and this is the dream to pay particular attention to, the one in which this girl has negative traits, regardless of feelings, means you should move on even if you feel something else.

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