Piercing Conch - Healing, Pain & Price

conch ear piercing

The conch piercing is a trend that continues to gain popularity in the world of body art. This ear piercing is located in the central part of the ear cartilage, called the "concha". It's usually performed with a hollow needle to pierce the cartilage with precision. In this article, we'll explore ... Read more

The 6 Best Japanese Massages: The Essential Guide

traditional Japanese massage

Well, you've surely heard about the incredible benefits of Japanese massages, haven't you? If you're wondering what the best Japanese massages are, look no further! In this article, we're going to introduce you to the best Japanese massage techniques, including Shiatsu, Kobido, Amma, Seitai, Reiki and Do in. ... Read more

The Trendiest Long Curtain Fringes (2023)

long curtain bangs

In 2023, the long curtain fringe is a must-have trend for those who want to add a bold, elegant touch to their look. This versatile cut, characterized by long, side-parted locks, creates a voluminous, glamorous effect that enhances your face. Perfect for adding volume and elegance to ... Read more

Snoezelen Rooms: A Sensory Environment For Children And Seniors

snoezelen sensory room

Snoezelen rooms, or Snoezelen spaces, were first introduced in the 1970s. These multi-sensory spaces are designed to promote relaxation, well-being and communication in children and the elderly, particularly those with cognitive disorders or disabilities. In this article, we look at the Snoezelen method, its benefits for ... Read more