Baby Bed Mobiles

Crib mobiles are not only a pleasing decoration for baby's room, they can also be beneficial to him. In the first few months of their lives, babies are attracted by bright, contrasting colors, making crib mobiles particularly conducive to their visual development. They're also an excellent way of creating a soft, soothing ambience in baby's room.

How to choose a baby mobile?

Baby mobiles are among the most popular purchases for new parents. Crib mobiles are perfect for entertaining, reassuring or soothing your child. They also stimulate your child's development while familiarizing him or her with colors, shapes and sounds.

advantage mobile cot

Designs with strong contrasts tend to attract babies' attention. While pretty mobiles in pastel colors might grab your attention, remember that babies prefer black and white for the first six weeks of life. Many mobiles also come with music to stimulate your baby's auditory skills, while others feature projected light to comfort your child at night.

Most crib mobiles feature suspended animal-shaped plush toys to capture your baby's attention. Some mobiles are static, while others can rotate while playing soothing music for your baby. At bedtime bedtime ritualIn this way, switching on the mobile can be the last step before you leave the room to let your child fall asleep.

The different types of crib mobile

  • Wooden mobiles for babies

mobile wooden cot

Visit wooden baby mobiles are very popular at the moment. Their sleek, elegant design blends in perfectly with the rest of the baby's room decor. That's why more and more parents prefer them to less attractive plastic baby mobiles.

  • Musical mobiles for babies

illuminated musical baby mobile

Visit musical mobiles for babies are one of the most popular types of mobile. They play soothing music such as lullabies or white noise to help your baby relax and fall asleep. These mobiles are often equipped with lights that project relaxing shapes and colors on the ceiling or walls of your baby's room.

  • Montessori baby mobiles

montessori baby mobile

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Where to hang your baby mobile?

While there's no bad place to hang a baby mobile, it will be most effective if it's in full view of your little one. Although the majority of parents decide to hang the mobile above baby's cot, there are many other places where a mobile can be installed, such as in a playpen or near baby's play mat. Some parents recommend hanging the baby mobile just above the changing table. This way, your baby will have something to entertain him while you quietly change his diaper.


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