Love or Friendship: What's the Difference?

When it comes to close relationships, it's sometimes difficult to determine whether a person's feelings are based on love or friendship. Although friendship and love seem to be two totally different feelings at first glance, they actually have many points in common. For example, it's possible to feel loving affection for a friend, or simply friendly affection for a partner.

Indeed, in friendship as in love, both people feel strong emotions, want to spend time together and maintain an emotional connection. But how can you tell the difference between love and friendship? To help you distinguish between these two feelings, we'll first look at their similarities, then reveal the signs that you're experiencing a loving friendship.

Understanding love and friendship

Love and friendship are closely linked, because there is no love without friendship. We often think of our partner as our best friend. Similarly, it's not possible to be a true friend without loving the other person, because friendship is a deep relationship that requires complicity, affection, sincerity and other feelings linked to love.

Defining love and friendship

  • Love is a strong feeling of affection for someone that involves romantic or sexual attraction.
  • Friendship is a bond between two people that implies mutual trust, respect and a deep level of understanding.

Similarities between love and friendship

  • Love and friendship imply a deep connection and a strong emotional bond.
  • Both require honesty, communication and mutual respect to thrive.

Differences between love and friendship

  • There's no love or sexual attraction in friendship.
  • Love implies the desire to be physically close to the other person, which is not the case with friendship.
  • Love often implies a willingness to sacrifice oneself for the other person, whereas friendship is more egalitarian.

What's the difference between love and friendship?

friendly love relationship

It's a common question, and one that's often difficult to answer. Human relationships are complex, and it can be difficult to distinguish between feelings of love and friendly affection.

Love and friendship are two feelings that can easily be confused. Both involve positive emotions towards a person, but their origins and manifestations are different. It's important to be able to distinguish between the two to better understand your own feelings and avoid misunderstandings.

The nature of feelings

  • Love : feelings of love are usually characterized by a strong physical and emotional attraction to another person. Feelings can be intense and often difficult to control.
  • Friendship: Friendship is generally based on mutual respect, trust and support. Feelings of friendship can be strong, but they are often less intense than feelings of love.


  • Love : Behaviors associated with love can include romantic gestures such as kisses, hugs, gifts and declarations of love. People in love often want to spend time alone with their partner, and seek to strengthen their relationship.
  • Friendship: friendly behaviors often include social and leisure activities with a group of friends. People with close friends may be inclined to discuss their feelings and personal problems with them.

Body signals

  • Love : Body signals associated with love can include increased heart rate, sweating, palpitations and rapid breathing. People in love may also get butterflies in the stomach when they're with their partner.
  • Friendship: the body signals associated with friendship are generally less intense than those of love. People with close friends can feel relaxed and comfortable in their presence.

What are the signs of love and friendship?

Distinguishing Lamour From Lamitie

Although love and friendship have many similarities, the key to differentiating them is to understand that love is often born of physical and/or intellectual attraction to a person, while friendship is often born of mutual esteem, trust and respect between two people.

Signs of love

  • Physical attraction : If you're attracted to someone because of their physical appearance, or if you feel butterflies in your stomach in their presence, it could be a sign of love.
  • Emotional intensity : Love often involves intense emotional experiences such as joy, excitement and euphoria.
  • Feelings of exclusivity : When you're in love with someone, you may feel that no one else can compare.
  • Sacrifice: If you find yourself willing to put the other person's needs before your own, or to make sacrifices for them, this can be a sign of love.
  • Long-term planning : Love often involves thinking about the future and making plans together.

Signs of friendship

  • Shared interests : Friends often bond over shared interests and activities.
  • Mutual respect : In a healthy friendship, both parties respect each other's limits and opinions.
  • Emotional support : Friends are often a source of emotional support in difficult times.
  • No physical attraction: There's no sexual or romantic attraction in friendship.

When love and friendship overlap

Some friends cultivate an extreme closeness and subtle ambiguity between love and friendship. This boundary between purely friendly affection and the impulse of love can seem blurred and difficult to define. It may be due to a combination of factors, but what's certain is that our feelings towards others are often nuanced and complex.

  • Loving friendships

Loving friendships are often confusing because they involve a mixture of feelings. These are friendships that involve some degree of emotional or sentimental attraction, but the two people don't necessarily consider themselves to be in a true romantic relationship.

  • Platonic love

It's a love that doesn't involve sexual or sentimental attraction, but is nonetheless intense and sincere.

  • Friends with benefits

This is a type of relationship in which friends engage in casual sexual activity without any kind of sentimental commitment.


Can a friendship turn into a love affair?

Yes, it is possible for a friendship to turn into a romantic relationship. However, it's important to communicate openly and honestly with the other person to make sure both parties are on the same wavelength.

What should I do if I'm in love with a friend?

If you realize that you're in love with a friend, it's important to communicate your feelings openly and honestly. However, be aware of the potential risks this could pose to your friendship, and be prepared to accept the other person's response, whatever it may be.

How do I know if I'm in love or if I just have affection for someone?

Ask yourself questions about the nature of your feelings. Are they romantic or friendly? Find out whether you are physically or emotionally attracted to this person.

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