Baby Toy Ideas 12-18 Months

Baby toys are a great way to stimulate your child's senses. Babies love to play with bright, colorful toys that help develop fine motor skills and eye coordination. Your child is starting to take flight. And you're beginning to miss the days when he couldn't yet walk, now that you have to follow him down the street! "Active" best describes your baby now. Your child loves all the toys and activities that let him let off steam: balls, swings, climbing frames, wooden toys...

Which toys for babies and toddlers to choose between 12 and 18 months?

Your baby's hand coordination and shape recognition are improving. He can build taller towers and scribble a drawing. He experiments: "What happens if I drop the ball or pull on this rod? He's very interested in the consequences of his actions. They never tire of repeating the same actions, as their memory is not yet fully developed. Children also like to imitate the actions of adults. Offer him toys that remind him of everyday life.

Pull and push toys

A standing baby pushes a walker
Heavy push toys can be used to support your baby as he begins to move around the house. Pull toys are better suited to children who are more comfortable walking and able to look around as they go. The most successful toys are those that raise, lower, make noise or attract attention in some other way.

Stacking and nesting toys

A little girl stacks wooden blocks
Babies love to stack, pack, take apart and rearrange their little lives in one way or another. Stacking and nesting toys are perfect for helping them exercise their problem-solving skills.

Porches and outdoor structures

A baby in a bouncer
A small climbing structure or outdoor play area gives your child a safe place to climb, hide, slide and exercise his motor skills again and again. And don't forget to take your child to the park to take advantage of the opportunities for outdoor play. It's also a great place for your child to make contact with other children.

Picture Books

A little girl reads a picture book
Your baby is beginning to like picture books that are a little more sophisticated and show familiar objects and activities. He may also be starting to take pride in his library and choose a favorite book for you to read to him.

Washable pencils and chalks

Chalk for kids
Let's get doodling! Just give your child two or three pencils at a time - that's enough. Fix paper on the floor or on the table so that your child can draw without having to take the paper with him. If the weather's fine, take advantage of the sun to draw with chalk outside.

Balls and balloons

A baby plays with balls
At this age, all balls that are easy to catch attract children, whether they're soft water balls, tennis balls or cloth balls. Avoid foam balls, which can disintegrate in the mouth. Take this opportunity to teach your child how to catch them. With a little practice, he or she will gradually integrate the rocking movement to return the ball.

The Carriers

This type of baby toy is sometimes more popular than walking. Many slides are equipped with a handle that allows adults to push the "vehicle" when the child gets tired. Avoid electric models, which are expensive and take the fun out of moving around on your own.

Children's establishments and kitchens

Little craftsmen and future cooks never tire of playing with wooden or plastic models adapted to their size. These toys enable children to imitate adults. Your child's interest in these toys will last for several months, and his or her play style will evolve over this period.

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