Cheap Ideas For Playing With Your Children

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun and play with the kids. If you're looking for affordable or even free activities to do with the kids, here are some simple ideas for activities and games that will make for a great day out with your kids!

It doesn't take much to make a happy childAnd it's often the smallest things that create the biggest memories: hurtling down the dunes by the sea, climbing a big tree at Grandma's house, jumping into muddy puddles, and so on. And it's all usually free!

Here's a list of simple, inexpensive and unforgettable activities that will delight you and your child!

5 fun activities for babies

Children feed a goat

  1. We're tearing it up!
  2. Maybe it's the sound of paper, or the satisfaction of giving something another shape forever, but babies love tearing paper! Get out your magazines and newspapers and recycle them! When you see the big smile on your child's face, you won't even think about the garbage can!

  3. Animals
  4. You can take your baby to the zoo, but don't be surprised if he falls asleep quickly or prefers waterfalls to orangutans. Instead, take your child to a park where he can watch animals or dogs at play. It's less tiring for the child and just as exciting. And what's more, it's free! Just make sure you follow the usual safety rules for contact with animals. It's best to carry your baby in your arms or in a baby carrier, so as not to take any risks.

  5. Set of lights
  6. Turn off the lights, draw the curtains, grab a flashlight and lie down on the floor with your baby on your back to watch a magnificent light show! Let the light fall from the ceiling to the walls and watch your baby, fascinated! An older baby may want to grab the lamp (probably to put it in his mouth!).

  7. Outdoor dining
  8. Weather permitting, place your baby's highchair in the garden to feed him. Your child will appreciate the change, and you won't have to worry about the building site! Don't have a garden? Grab a blanket and set up in a park near your house! Blow a few soap bubbles and your child will be delighted!

  9. Let's party!
  10. Everyone to the salon! Put on your favorite music and dance with your baby in your arms. He'll be able to enjoy all the things he loves most in the world: music, bouncing and being close to you.

5 fun activities for kids

A baby in the kitchen

  1. Rides
  2. Children love to wander around, especially in a stroller or car seat. If you're not used to taking the bus, check the timetable and take a tour of the city! Your child will love discovering new environments from a fresh perspective.

  3. Knead
  4. The next time you cook, prepare a ball of salt dough for your baby to play with. Make sure it's not too sticky for his little fingers. Don't hesitate to freeze the rest of the dough or put it in the fridge for future play sessions!

  5. Gift packages
  6. You've probably already observed a child opening a present. They're often not interested in the gift itself, but are fascinated by the wrapping, the paper, the ribbon and so on. Wrap a small object, such as a toy your child hasn't played with for a long time. Be sure to use lots of ribbon and paper, and present your child with his or her gift in a theatrical way!

  7. Construction!
  8. If there's a construction site in your neighborhood or town, take your child to see the work in progress! Excavators, cement mixers, trucks... kids love it!

  9. Cook
  10. If your child isn't yet old enough to use a blender or flour sieve, he's old enough to sprinkle sugar over the cookies you've made. Some cookies may be empty and others covered with a thick layer of sugar, but it doesn't matter! Don't forget to take a photo!

5 fun activities for preschoolers

A little girl waters the plants

  1. Color baths
  2. Green, blue, red: a few drops of food coloring in bath water can turn bath time into an extraordinary moment! Don't be afraid to mix primary colors like blue and red to create purple and provoke even more surprises! And don't worry: your child won't get out of the bath without grape paint! A few drops of food coloring in the bath won't stain your child's skin.

  3. Time travel
  4. Do you still remember the old photos from your third birthday or your first party? Pull them out again and show them to your child. Wedding videos work just as well! And of course, your child will love seeing photos and videos of him when he was "little"! Enjoy them for both of you!

  5. Gardening
  6. When it comes to gardening, there's nothing quite like a sunflower that blooms in just a few weeks! After the last frosts of winter, find a sunny spot in your garden, on a balcony or windowsill and let your child plant sunflower seeds directly in the ground or in a pot. Your little gardener will love digging a hole, scattering the seeds in the soil, then covering them. He'll also love watering the seeds regularly and watching them grow.

  7. Monochrome meals
  8. We adults like variety on our plates, but children often prefer uniformity and special meals where everything is the same color. Serve your child a plate of orange products (macaroni and cheese, carrots and a glass of orange juice), green products (pasta with pesto, broccoli and mint syrup) or yellow products (omelet, corn and pineapple).

  9. Nature treasure hunt
  10. Give your child a bag or bucket and set off together on a nature treasure hunt. Take the time to let your child collect whatever he or she likes: pine cones, leaves, small stones and twigs. Back at home, give your child some glue and a piece of cardboard and ask him or her to make a collage or sculpture, or paint a stone or two!

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