How To Make Love To A Man To Drive Him Crazy?

Making love to a man may seem simple, but there are many tricks you can use to please and surprise him. In this article, we'll give you tips on creating the right atmosphere, communicating openly, exploring new sensations and much more. Follow these steps to make your partner feel loved and wanted.

Creating a sensual atmosphere

Creating a romantic ambience can do wonders for your pleasure experience.

  • Prepare the space

To make love to a man properly, start by preparing the space where you're going to meet. Choose a comfortable, clean and intimate place to make your partner feel at ease. You can add scented candles, soft cushions and soft sheets to make the atmosphere more sensual. Understand that men are often visual and respond to a pleasant, stimulating environment.

  • Choose a musical ambience

Music can be a great way to create a relaxed, romantic atmosphere. Choose tunes that you both enjoy and that make you feel connected to each other. Men generally appreciate soothing, relaxing atmospheres, as this helps them to relax and focus on shared pleasure.

  • Stimulate your senses

To arouse a man's desire, it's essential to create a sensual atmosphere that attracts and excites him. Enticing fragrances stimulate the senses and arouse your partner's interest. And don't forget lingerie and sexy outfits. Men are generally very visual, and a sexy outfit can greatly fan their desire. Choose pieces that highlight your assets and in which you feel confident and attractive. Self-confidence is often a key element in attraction, and your partner will be delighted to see you taking care of your appearance for him.

  • Explore your erogenous zones

Erogenous zones are parts of the body that are particularly sensitive to touch and can stimulate sexual desire. Although every man is different, most have common erogenous zones, such as :

  • Lips: a passionate kiss can do wonders to increase arousal and desire.
  • Nipples: try stroking them gently with your fingers or tongue to stimulate sensations.
  • Ears: whisper sweet nothings or blow hot air to make him shiver with pleasure.
  • Neck: kiss and gently nibble his neck to make him shiver.
  • Penis: Most men find penis stimulation very pleasurable. Don't hesitate to explore this area with caresses or massages to increase desire.

Open communication

  • Express your desires and limits

Communicate clearly with your partner about your desires and limits. Talk to him about your likes and dislikes, and listen carefully to understand his needs and preferences. Men often need reassurance about their sexual skills and their ability to satisfy their partner. By expressing your desires and valuing his efforts, you boost his self-confidence and enable him to feel more comfortable in intimacy.

  • Encourage him to share his desires

Invite your partner to talk to you about his or her fantasies and desires. This will bring you closer together and connect you on a deeper level, while offering you new ideas to spice up your lovemaking. Men sometimes find it hard to express their emotions and desires, for fear of being judged or misunderstood. By creating a climate of trust and encouraging him to share his thoughts, you can help him feel more at ease and more open to exploring his desires.

The preliminaries

  • Kissing

Kissing is a great way to start foreplay. They help establish an intimate connection and relax your partner. Don't hesitate to vary the type of kiss: languorous, passionate, light or sensual. Men particularly appreciate passionate kisses, as they make them feel wanted and valued.

  • Caressing

To make love well to a man, caresses are essential. Explore his body with your hands, concentrating on erogenous zones such as the neck, ears, nipples and inner thighs. Don't forget to vary pressure and speed to maintain arousal. Men tend to be more sensitive to tactile stimulation, which means that caresses and massages can contribute greatly to their pleasure.

  • Oral stimulation

Fellatio is an excellent way to give a man pleasure. Adapt your movements to his reactions, and don't hesitate to use your hands to stimulate him further. You can also offer him a sensual massage to relax his muscles and increase his desire. Men are often very receptive to oral stimulation, as it gives them an intense and gratifying sensation.


  • Vary the positions

Alternating positions during penetration brings novelty and variety to your sex life. Experiment with different positions to find the ones that give you both the most pleasure. You can also take inspiration from books or films to discover new ideas. Men generally like to experiment with new positions, as it gives them the impression of having exciting and varied sexual experiences.

  • Rhythm and depth

The rhythm and depth of penetration are important for a man's pleasure. Adapt your rhythm to his reactions, and don't hesitate to vary the depth to stimulate different areas of his sex. Men often appreciate a steady rhythm, as it helps them reach a high level of arousal.

Explore new sensations

  • Role-playing games

Role-playing can be a fun and exciting way to explore new fantasies with your partner. Discuss scenarios that appeal to you together and put them into practice to spice up your sex life. Men are often attracted to role-playing, as it allows them to explore their desires and have unusual sexual experiences.

  • Sex toys

Using sex toys can also enrich your sexual experience. You can try penis rings, prostate stimulators or vibrators to give your man new sensations. Men are often curious to explore new sensations and appreciate the addition of accessories to their sex life to stimulate their pleasure.

Male pleasure

  • The prostate

The prostate is an erogenous zone often neglected by men. Stimulating this zone can bring intense pleasure and even multiple orgasms. Talk it over with your partner and experiment together to discover new sensations. Men may initially be reluctant to explore this zone, but once they discover the pleasure it can bring, they're often delighted to make it part of their sex life.

  • Ejaculation

Ejaculation is a key moment in male pleasure. To intensify this moment, you can try to delay ejaculation by practicing control techniques, such as "stop and go" or pressure on the brake of the penis. Men often appreciate these techniques, as they increase their stamina and prolong their pleasure.

Time to relax

  • The cuddle after lovemaking

After lovemaking, enjoy a moment of tenderness by snuggling up together. The post-coital cuddle strengthens your emotional connection and makes you feel even closer. Men, although they may seem less inclined to seek this kind of intimacy, also appreciate these moments of tenderness, as they reinforce their sense of security and love.

  • Communication after love

After making love, it's important to discuss your experience together. Talk about what you liked, what you'd like to try next time and how it made you feel. This will help you understand each other better and improve your sex life. Men can find it hard to express their emotions and feelings, but by creating an open, unprejudiced space to discuss these topics, you encourage them to share their experiences and strengthen complicity within your couple.

How do you make a man go crazy with desire?

To drive a man crazy with desire and live intense passionate moments

  • Take the initiative and surprise your partner with unexpected gestures and attentions.
  • Communicate openly about her preferences and find out what turns her on.
  • Be confident and don't hesitate to try new things to vary your pleasures.
  • Pay special attention to foreplay to increase desire and excitement
  • Show enthusiasm and commitment to make your partner feel comfortable and confident.
  • Explore his body and erogenous zones to discover what makes him tick.
  • Listen to your partner's signals and respect his limits


Making love to a man requires attention, communication and exploration. By following these tips, you'll be able to create an intimate and satisfying experience for you and your partner. Remember, the key to a fulfilling sex life is openness and a willingness to continue learning and growing together.


How important is communication in a sexual relationship?

Communication is essential for expressing your desires, your limits and for better understanding your partner's needs. It can also strengthen your emotional connection and improve your sex life.

How to vary foreplay to maintain arousal?

You can experiment with different types of kissing, caressing and oral stimulation. Try varying the pressure, speed and erogenous zones stimulated to maintain your partner's interest and arousal.

What are the best positions for giving a man pleasure?

There's no single answer to this question, because every man is different. Experiment with different positions to discover the ones that give you both the most pleasure. Varying positions can also help maintain interest and excitement.

How to stimulate the prostate to give a man pleasure?

The prostate can be stimulated through the wall of the rectum, by inserting a finger or a sextoy designed for this area. Talk it over with your partner and experiment together to discover new sensations.

How to delay ejaculation to intensify male pleasure?

You can try ejaculation control techniques such as "stop and go" (stop stimulation before the point of no return, then resume) or pressure on the penis brake. These techniques can help prolong pleasure and intensify orgasm.

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