Create your own Montessori observation tower with Ikea furniture!

A Montessori learning tower is an excellent solution for getting your child involved in cooking or other activities around the house. Ikea furniture is ideal for families looking for economical and practical furniture. If you're looking for a creative way to use Ikea furniture, why not make a Montessori observation tower? This simple structure is perfect for allowing children to explore their environment while providing them with a safe place to play.

What is the Montessori method?

If you have young children, chances are you've heard of the Montessori method. The Montessori method is an educational approach that emphasizes respect for children and their ability to learn for themselves.

montessori method

This pedagogy encourages children to explore and discover the world around them at their own pace. Montessori environments are characterized by furniture and materials specially designed to meet children's needs.

Ikea offers a wide range of furniture and accessories adapted to the Montessori method. Ikea furniture is ideal for creating a Montessori learning space, as it is simple, functional and affordable.

What is a Montessori observation tower?

A learning tower is a stepladder specially designed so that children can see what's going on around them. A learning tower is a piece of furniture that helps young children reach counters and other high places. It usually features stairs or steps, as well as a rail or handles to help the child climb.

ikea montessori observation tower

A learning tower can be an excellent way of encouraging independence in young children. It allows children to be on the same level as adults when it comes to participating in household tasks. The Montessori learning tower can be used in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. The learning tower will enable children to take an active part in daily household activities in complete safety. Children can easily participate in meal preparation.

A Montessori learning tower is extremely easy to create yourself. Ikea furniture can be a great option for those looking to create a Montessori observation tower on a budget.

How to make an Ikea Montessori observation tower?

The easiest, most practical and least expensive way to build a Montessori observation tower is to use Ikea products. Ikea offers basic products at very competitive prices.

ikea furniture montessori observation tower

This Ikea observation tower is manufactured mainly from step BEKVAM and the stool ODDVAR. This combination of furniture creates a magnificent, fully functional Montessori learning tower.

How to assemble the Ikea Montessori observation tower?

Step 1: Materials required

First of all, you need to buy the basic products that will make up the observation tower. You'll easily find them in any Ikea store, as the Bekvam step and the Oddvar stool are two of the Swedish giant's staple products.

  • 1 x stool ODDVAR
  • 1 x BEKVÄM footboard
  • 4 x 3 cm wood screws
  • 4 x 2.5 cm wood screws
  • Drill with screw bit
  • Electric screwdriver or screwdriver
  • Paint (optional)

The step forms the lower part of the tower (allowing the child to climb to the top of the tower), while the stool forms the upper part. The stool is placed upside down on the lower part.

Step 2: Assembling the observation tower

Once you've got everything you need, you can start building the learning tower.

  • Assembling the BEKVÄM running board

The first thing to do is to assemble the Ikea Bekvam step, simply following the assembly instructions.

  • Assembling the ODDVAR stool

We then move on to the assembly of the Oddvar stool, which requires two simple modifications to the normal procedure shown in the instructions. Firstly, the seat of the stool must be screwed under the legs to provide a support surface.

Then, one of the two crosspieces must be left unassembled so that the child can climb the Ikea observation tower.

  • Assembling two pieces of Ikea furniture

Once the step and stool have been assembled, all that's left is to join them together.

To connect the two, simply position the stool on top of the step. Use the 2.5 cm screws to center the top of the stool. Fasten the screws from below, leaving the base free for the child's feet.

ikea montessori observation tower assembly

Your handcrafted Ikea Montessori observation tower is now ready for children to use safely.

At what age can the Montessori observation tower be used?

The Montessori observation tower can be used from the age of 18 months, when children start to walk and take an interest in the things around them. The observation tower can be used by children up to the age of 6 or 7.

Are there any alternatives to the Ikea Montessori observation tower?

There are several alternatives to Ikea Montessori observation towers. For example, you can create your own observation tower using furniture you already have at home. There are also observation tower kits that you can buy in some stores. These kits usually contain all the materials you need to create your own Montessori observation tower.

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