The Best Baby Toys from 12 to 36 months

Toys are an important part of a baby's life. They help them learn and grow. Visit baby toys from 12 to 36 months are specially designed to help babies explore the world around them and develop their motor, social and cognitive skills. Stimulate your baby's curiosity and creativity every day through play. Discover our list of toys and ideas to foster your child's development with toys that help master his physical abilities, stimulate his brain and fuel his growing imagination.

The most popular toys for babies


If you're looking for toys that stimulate your children's development, abilities and imagination, take a look at the best toys for children aged 12 to 36 months. Your kids will love them!

  • Activity books and picture books
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    A little girl reads a picture book.
    Give your baby a soft, sturdy activity book with flaps, different textures to touch and characters he can imagine in a variety of often amusing situations. Your child will love the feeling of being part of the action, and you'll be able to give him a taste for reading.

  • Puzzles
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    A father makes a puzzle with his child.
    Puzzles are one of babies' favorite games! Start with puzzles with individual pieces that correspond to a picture, then let your child play with classic puzzles with very large pieces. Shuffle the pieces on the floor and let your baby pick them out. At first, your child may need your help to sort by color and shape, but he'll learn quickly by watching you do it and starting again each time.

  • Wooden blocks
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    Children play with Lego.
    Building bricks are an indispensable classic in any playroom. As children's abilities develop, they love to stack them higher and higher. Help your baby build a giant tower, then let the demolition expert knock it down! Laughter guaranteed!

  • The dolls
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    A child plays with dolls on a carpet.
    Your baby is discovering a new skill - dressing himself - by practicing with a doll he can dress and undress. Don't be surprised if your child doesn't let you help. If he or she has difficulty, try not to interfere. In fact, every button, zipper or snap is a challenge for the child to develop motor skills.

  • Musical toys
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    A child with a musical toy.
    It's never too early to introduce your child to music. What's more, babies love to make noises! So let your child play the guitar, keyboard or drums. As well as having fun, your baby will also develop language and math skills.

  • Building sets and stacking toys
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    A child plays with stacking blocks.
    Shape sorters and stacking toys help children discover colors, shapes and patterns. Children's dexterous fingers can easily grab all kinds of objects, then drop them into a box or into piles.

  • Train routes
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    A child plays with a little wooden train.
    Return your happy child by putting him at the controls of a train! The train may move slowly at first, but your baby will gradually play with more precision and end up spending hours tinkering with the tracks, creating routes and taking the train over small hills and tight bends. Your living room will be the perfect backdrop for your baby's future railway adventures!

  • Pedal toy
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    A child's pedal bike or tricycle>.
    Babies love to go for walks. So consider investing in a good pair of exercise bikes so your child can pedal and ride until they drop! You can pull your baby along in a classic stroller, or opt for a toy car, truck or train. If your baby's balance is good enough, you can offer him or her a draisienne or a scooter with a wide loading platform.

  • Drawing and other handicrafts
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    A little girl draws with crayons.
    Colored pencils, paper, markers, stamps and fingers full of paint - that's all your baby needs to connect artistically with the world around him. You'll be amazed by your child's first masterpiece, even if it's just a doodle!

  • Pull and push toys
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    A little girl pushes a scooter.
    On your marks, get set, go! When your baby's motor skills are sufficiently developed, you can offer him pull-along or push-along toys. A pull-along rocking truck can help children build castles and fortresses on the beach. If the toy makes noise as it moves, your baby will be able to "vacuum" and "mow the lawn" like an adult! If the toy represents an animal, he'll be able to walk it and have a new best friend!

  • Children's Dinette
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    A child plays with a dinette.
    A children's stove allows your child to accentuate his or her independence and, for once, be "the one who makes it". Your baby can organize his pantry and delight you with the delicious dishes he prepares! But don't hand in your apron just yet! Your child will always need your help!

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