The best Montessori furniture available at IKEA

Are you looking for furniture or components suitable for the Montessori method for your home? You may be surprised to discover that IKEA offers a wide range of child-friendly furniture. In this article, we'll take a look at the best Montessori furniture you can find at IKEA. From shelves and tables to chairs, bookcases and storage bins, there are plenty of models to choose from. So, whether you're just starting out with the Montessori method or looking to furnish a Montessori baby roomIf you're looking for a new home, don't miss a trip to IKEA. Best of all, most of these tips are incredibly easy to do and won't break the bank.

How to turn your IKEA furniture into Montessori furniture?

Let's face it, introducing the Montessori method into your home can be really intimidating when you don't know where to start. There are many things to add to create a welcoming, attractive and child-friendly Montessori environment. When most people think of Montessori furniture, they think of sophisticated, expensive items. But you can actually create an environment that's child-friendly. Montessori pedagogy with ordinary IKEA furniture. IKEA has dozens of inexpensive products for this purpose.

A few tips to help you choose your furniture:

  1. Look for low, deep shelves or bookcases. They're perfect for storing Montessori materials and keeping them within easy reach of your little ones.
  2. Choose simple, natural materials like wood or bamboo. If possible, avoid plastic furniture, which is often colorful and harmful to the environment.
  3. Choose furniture that can easily be reused as your child grows. For example, a low chest of drawers can become a bookcase, then a desk as your child grows.
  4. Make sure your furniture is sturdy. They must be able to withstand the intensive use of little hands!

List of IKEA Montessori furniture

The aim of a environment prepared Montessori is to make learning as easy as possible autonomy children. If you're looking for Montessori-inspired furniture and items for your home, IKEA is a great place to start. There are plenty of tips and ideas for transforming IKEA products into Montessori-friendly objects. Thanks to Ikea, you can easily create a Montessori room for your child.

  • Nido Montessori

ikea montessori learning mat

Visit gymnastic mat PLUFSIG can be used as a play mat for your nido corner. The mat is firm enough to allow the child to develop at will in the first few months.

  • IKEA montessori shelf

If you've heard of the Montessori method at home, you've probably already heard of the low shelves that are used to display toys and activities. Montessori shelves should be built to an appropriate height to enable the child to easily reach all available items and simply remember the location of each activity.

KALLAX - Shelf / Storage space

ikea kallax montessori shelf

L'KALLAX shelf is a popular IKEA Montessori piece of furniture that many Montessori teachers The shelves are ideal for organizing a well-prepared environment. When placed on its side, this shelf is perfect for a family room. Montessori games. The advantage of KALLAX shelves is that the front is completely open, so that everything is on display for the child to see.

  • IKEA montessori wardrobe

ikea smastad montessori wardrobe

This IKEA wardrobe is perfect for a Montessori children's room, as it is totally accessible and offers a wide range of uses (changing table, wardrobe, storage unit).


ikea trofast montessori shelf


When turned on its side, this TROFAST shelf is the ideal base unit for easy access to all your products. Montessori activities.

  • IKEA montessori bookcase

As you probably know, with a Montessori playroom, you're looking for activities and books to be beautifully displayed to encourage the child to interact with each of them.

FLISAT - Wall storage

montessori storage ikea flisat

Visit FLISAT wall storage for books can be mounted on the wall to display books in an attractive way. Depending on the size of your books, it may only display a few, but this quantity is ideal for a small child.

FLISAT - Book display

presentatoir montessori book ikea flisat

The second IKEA bookcase that is perfect for a Montessori bedroom is the FLISAT book display. This floor-standing display unit is small enough not to take up too much space, but also large enough to hold several books.

BERGIG - Book display with storage

ikea bergig montessori library

Visit BERGIG book display is a new range of storage units for children. This storage unit can hold books with the cover easily visible to the child at the top of the display. The unit can be used as storage space, toy shelf and bookcase.

  • IKEA montessori step

BEKVÄM - Step / Observation tower

ikea bekvam montessori observation tower

Autonomy is an important component of the Montessori method. This step BEKVÄM is one of IKEA's most popular pieces of furniture. As well as being convertible into an observation tower, this step can be used in the kitchen to access the worktop, and in the bathroom so that a child can easily wash their hands or brush their teeth without the help of an adult.

  • IKEA montessori chair

POÄNG - Children's armchair

ikea poang montessori chair

Create a quiet space for your child to relax and explore his or her language skills. This children's armchair IKEA is lightweight, easy to move and comfortable, and its fabric cover is washable.

  • IKEA montessori table

FLISAT - Children's table

ikea montessori table flisat

This is a popular sensory activity table used in Montessori classrooms and homes. The FLISAT children's table is at the right height to allow young children to sit comfortably with a stool adapted to its size.

  • IKEA Montessori learning materials

MÅLA - Easel

montessori learning materials ikea mala

This wooden easel IKEA The neutral-colored easel is ideal for helping children concentrate on their drawing. On one side of the easel is a blackboard and on the other a whiteboard. The MALA drawing paper roll can also be used for painting and drawing with crayons, markers or paint. This easel is the perfect height for toddlers and will make a great addition to a Montessori room.

DUKTIG - Mini kitchen

ikea montessori kitchen

Although the mini kitchen DUKTIG was designed for play, it's becoming increasingly common for parents to transform it into a truly functional children's kitchen. With a few modifications, this IKEA kitchen can be used to pour water, as a work surface for meal preparation, or to store dishes. In this way, children can gain a great deal of independence. You can easily complete this learning equipment with vegetablesand kitchen utensils or a set of patisserie.

HÄNGIG - Label holders

ikea montessori label holder

Visit HÄNGIG label holder is fantastic for children's rooms. Labeling drawers and shelves lets children see where everything goes.


ikea montessori math abacus

Visit abacus UNDERHÅLLA can be used as a Montessori mathematical materials to help your child discover basic mathematical concepts in a fun, visual way.

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