Baby Toy Ideas For Summer Fun

The time has come, the fine weather is here again. It's sunny, warm and festive. Perfect weather to be outside with baby. Discover our best baby toys for outdoor play.

How about playing with baby?

Babies are often very curious and don't need much to keep them occupied. But with these toys, they'll have even more fun outdoors this summer!

  • A small cart

This little chariat or car is a good investment and will be for many years to come. What could be more fun than taking your favorite stuffed animal for a spin in a vehicle?

You can also use this toy to carry snacks and other games when you take your baby for a walk outside in summer. Your baby can play picnic cook while you pull the stroller!

Our board : Some are equipped with harnesses and even a cup holder!

  • A car ride

Babies love to be in the driver's seat, so a baby car is the perfect toy!

A baby on a car carrier

At this age, children love to spend hours playing in the car, getting in and out of it and taking their little friends along. Models with space to hide treasures are particularly popular!

Our advice:Treat your baby to a car wash with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. He'll be delighted!

  • Long live sponges!

Sponges are perfect for outdoor water play. It's amazing how much fun kids can have with them. Be prepared to get a little wet!

Give your baby wet sponges and show him how to draw patterns on a piece of paper laid on the floor or hung on a fence. Cut the sponges into different shapes and sizes so your baby can experiment with different patterns. You can also play the game of throwing sponges into a bucket.

Our advice: Babies can also use dry sponges as building blocks.

  • A chalk drawing

A child draws with chalk on the floor
Drawing with chalk on the floor with your baby is a great way to bond with your child. Play at drawing shapes on the floor for your baby to stick to, or draw a treasure hunt by tracing arrows on the floor for you and your child to follow.

You can also take the opportunity to easily make your own crayons with your baby, using fine plaster and a little paint.

Our advice: Have fun cleaning up chalk drawings with your child! Let your child use a hose or watering can, then draw a new picture. Chalk comes out better on damp ground.

  • A rocket launcher

Babies love watching adults jump on the pump to launch foam rockets into the sky! They're also happy to demonstrate their newly acquired walking and running skills as they try to catch the rockets wherever they fall!

Our advice: Always carry a few rockets with the cart, so you'll always have an unstoppable toy on hand!

  • A bubble machine

A child playing catch with bubbles

Babies love bubbles. So you can be sure that your child will be delighted if you give him or her a bubble machine to play with! These machines produce an impressive number of bubbles in a short space of time - a magical experience for your baby!

Our advice: Bring out the bubble machine when your baby has a friend to play with.

  • An activity table with sand and water

Babies love to play with water! With the help of a table, they can play with one hand and explore with the other. Once they've figured out how to fill and empty the containers, they can't get enough!

Our advice: For added variety, you can replace the water with sand. That way, you can enjoy 2 toys in 1!

  • A great paddling pool

A baby plays in a small pool

Short of a swimming pool, a paddling pool is the ideal backyard toy for your baby! Plastic boats, bath toys and more. Show your child how to imitate waves in the water.

Our advice: Never leave your child unattended in the wading pool, and be sure to empty it as soon as your child has finished playing in it.

  • Foam pool fries

Originally designed to help swimmers in the pool, these floats can also be used as toys.

Your baby may have his own idea of how to use them, but you can start by cutting them into different shapes. This will give you several new floating sections, perfect for playing in the pool or bathtub.

Our advice: if possible, use potato chips with a hole in the middle that you can use in more inventive ways!

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