6 Errors About Baby's Sleep

Visit sleep is very important for baby's development and well-being. Successfully putting a child to bed and ensuring that he or she sleeps through the night without waking up is one of the most complex tasks entrusted to young parents. We can help you avoid the most common mistakes and increase your chances of getting a good night's sleep.

Mistake No. 1: Putting your child to bed too late

When you've been working all day, it's sometimes tempting to leave your baby or toddler with you in the evening so you can finally get some sleep. Or maybe you think he'll be so tired he'll fall into the arms of Morpheus when he touches his mattress.

A baby plays with his parents before going to sleep.

Whatever your motivation, it's never a good idea to keep a child awake for too long. When babies and toddlers are overtired, they have great difficulty falling asleep, and their night-time sleep patterns can be disturbed. They also tend to get up earlier than if you put them to bed at a more reasonable hour.

IC is therefore a good idea to create a bedtime ritual and follow it every night. Don't wait for your child to yawn or rub his eyes before getting ready for bed. Even 15 or 20 minutes of extra sleep can make a difference.

Mistake No. 2: Putting your child to sleep during the walk

Have you ever breathed a sigh of relief when your baby fell asleep in the car seat or the stroller? Although this way of falling asleep obviously gives you a break, don't fall into the trap of having to move or travel to rock your child. You can't take your child for a walk every night. He or she won't sleep as deeply and soundly as necessary.

Of course, you can move around with your baby to soothe him. But don't use this kind of movement to rock him to sleep.

Mistake #3: Over-stimulation

You may have installed a mobile above the crib: beware, the spinning objects, sounds and lights can be distracting. If baby looks at them, he stays awake and may not realize it's time to go to sleep.

A mobile in a nursery

That's why we recommend putting your child to sleep in almost total darkness. Don't worry: your baby won't be afraid. He's too young to be afraid of the dark. A little soft music can help your child fall asleep by "disconnecting" it from other noises in the house.

As your child gets older, a small nightlight can help control his fears. Don't let your child watch TV just before bedtime. If he falls asleep in front of his favorite cartoon, he'll lose about half an hour of precious sleep. And that can affect his mood and behavior the next day, which nobody wants!

Mistake No. 4: Neglecting the bedtime ritual

With a very young baby, the ideal bedtime ritual is a bath, cuddles and a bit of conversation. There's no need to use a nursery song just yet. Your child will grow up and you may feel that he's too old for a ritual, or that you don't feel like repeating it night after night.

A baby holds its mother's finger

However, it's important to continue offering pleasant, relaxing bedtime activities. They prepare your child for a good night's sleep. Even adults sleep better when they have a little free time before bedtime! You shouldn't expect your little one to go from the excitement of a busy day to a deep sleep in a matter of minutes, as this can disrupt their sleep.

You can create any ritual you like for your child. Just make sure you repeat the different relaxation steps in the same order every night.

Mistake n°5: Irregularity

From time to time, when your child is a bit clingy, you may be tempted to have him sleep in bed with you and let him fall asleep opposite you. Or maybe you put him to bed in his own bed, but he joins yours in the middle of the night. And before you know it, the marital bed becomes the family bed.

A baby sleeps comfortably against its mother

Your child is too young to understand why sometimes you can come and sometimes you don't want to. This frustration will lead to tantrums, and you may find yourself letting him crawl into bed with you every night.

If you find yourself in this situation, gradually move your child out of your bed. Sit beside your child's bed while he falls asleep. Then, after a few nights, stand in the doorway and leave the room. Explain that when it's time to go to bed, he needs to go to his own bed. Be firm but gentle and you'll achieve your goal.

Mistake 6: Moving too soon from a cot to a big bed

If you make the transition from crib to cot too early, you run the risk of your baby wandering around the house in the early hours of the morning. Before the age of 3, a child is not mature enough to know how to control himself and understand that he must respect the imaginary limits represented by his bed.

A baby sleeps in a big bed with a little girl

The best way to find out if your child is ready to get out of the crib is to try a big bed. If he doesn't get used to it after a week, suggest he returns to his crib. There's nothing wrong with that! After a few weeks or months, try again. All children move on to the big bed before starting their first year. Stay calm and everything will be fine!

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