20 Little Things That Change With a Baby

The arrival of a child is a time of change and adaptation for the whole family. It's a magical moment when a child joins the family. A new human being, a small, fragile and innocent being who will turn the lives of his parents and those around him upside down.

Everyone will tell you that having a baby is a life-changing experience. It's true that you have a little less time, a little less sleep and a lot more responsibility. But with the birth of a baby, there are also many reasons to rejoice.

  1. You discover that you have an unsuspected inner strength.
  2. You tell yourself that the 10 kilos you can't lose aren't so important after all.
  3. You discover that you have an inner strength you never knew you had.
  4. You discover that you can't afford to lose any more.
  5. You don't need a clock any more - your baby sets your schedule.
  6. The way you look at your parents is changing.
  7. The pain and discomfort felt by your baby is unbearable for you.
  8. You're not afraid to go to bed at 9pm on a Saturday night.
  9. You're much more sensitive, even irritable.
  10. You discover just how exciting a baby tooth can be.
  11. It's your baby you're looking at in the mirror, not you.
  12. The "little gifts" of your baby's digestive system don't disgust you - on the contrary, they fascinate you!
  13. The sacrifices you were afraid to make before having a child no longer seem so important.
  14. You respect your body, your health... at last!
  15. You realize that stuffed animals have magical powers!
  16. In a public place, we look sympathetically at parents whose baby cries and we no longer expect their offspring to keep quiet... at last!
  17. You've got time to give your baby one last cuddle, even if you're already very late.
  18. You realize that it's possible to love a little being who was a complete stranger to you at birth.
  19. You discover that the shower is a truly privileged moment, not to mention the hairdresser, the beautician...
  20. You start conversations with your neighbors because you have a baby in your arms.
  21. Things and events that once seemed important are now completely insignificant.
  22. Every day, with a baby by her side, is a surprise.

The arrival of a child in a couple's life is an important moment in the life of a parent. It's a time of joy and excitement, but also of responsibility and new challenges. Parents have to adapt to their new role and the new family routine. They must also learn to manage their own stress and fatigue. But it's all these little things that make parenthood such a joy.

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