10 Classic Baby Toys

Have you noticed how many of the baby toys you played with as a child are still available today? It's simple: there are baby toys that never go out of style. The classics are baby toys that have been around for generations. They are often considered the best toys for babies and toddlers. Timeless toys that will keep your child entertained for hours.

Best Baby Toys

Play is an excellent way to develop your baby's sensory and motor skills. Play helps him learn to manipulate objects, coordinate his movements and develop dexterity. Games that involve simple gestures and movements are particularly beneficial for babies. Discover the great classics of baby toys.

Stacking Toys

Babies play with stacking fires
As your baby grows, the stacking toy will keep you both busy for a long time! It's a great way for your child to use his nimble little fingers and practice his sorting and building skills. Let your child play with elements of different sizes, shapes and colors to prolong his or her interest.

A Mobile

A wood and wool baby mobile above the crib
A baby mobile can add a new dimension to your baby's horizontal perspective. Choose a model with contrasting colors and patterns. You can also choose a model that plays music. Attach the mobile to your child's cradle, but make sure it's out of reach for safety reasons.

Musical Toys

A baby plays music
Visit musical toys can be very simple, such as musical instrumentsor more complex, such as interactive toys. These are a classic among baby toys. A toy that makes a sound when pressed or shaken will keep your baby's attention for months. This type of toy helps your baby to understand what his hands are doing, and helps him to develop his hearing.

Les Carillons

Hang up a wind chime that your child can look at and listen to. Wear it from time to time so that your child can move it and listen to the sounds.

Baby rattles

Wooden and woollen baby rattles
Rattles have been used for many years. Child development experts believe they help infants improve hand-eye coordination by stimulating their senses. A soft wooden or fabric rattle that your baby can chew on will be a source of fun! It will also help your child become familiar with the sounds he can make himself.

Cuddly toys

A little girl holds a stuffed toy
Plush toys are easy to grasp and make ideal first playmates. The recommended age is indicated on most toys sold in France. Make sure your child's stuffed toy or doll is age-appropriate. Your baby will probably prefer a small stuffed toy that he can easily grasp. So there's no need to buy a teddy bear as big as your child!


A baby plays with soft balls
Different-sized balls stimulate your baby's hand-eye coordination and agility. Between 3 and 7 months, your baby learns to catch a ball. Whole-arm coordination, which enables him to roll or throw a ball, usually comes later, between 18 months and 3 years.

Building cubes

A child plays with building blocks
When you show your baby building blocks for the first time, you'll be the only one stacking them on top of each other. Your child will prefer to drop them! Wooden blocks may look very simple, but they teach your baby important things about the world around him. What's more, this game develops hand-eye coordination and is an introduction to mathematics and physics.

Soft Books

It's never too early to get your baby interested in reading! Soft books are the perfect place to start! Lie down next to your baby so he can look at you as you read to him. Even if your baby is still small, reading is a good way to introduce him to language.

Black and white

The black-and-white patterns will capture the attention of newborns, as they'll be able to see them better. Your child will be able to tell the difference between shapes and patterns, which will help his or her visual development. Try the Munari mobile. This is a visual stimulation device for babies and toddlers. It consists of different black and white shapes that move slowly around a central point. The aim of this mobile is to captivate babies' attention and help them develop their vision.

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